Better every day :)

I always loved step by step idea. The other day I red the blog about intriguing idea of making changes on 1° which will influence the future. So, I’ve decided to try to do smth better then on the day before. I will do small steps. Because I am experiencing my “down” moment, so I have a lot to do until I get to my average. When I try to make a big change at once, I just get disappointed even if I accomplished a lot but not quite what I planned. So I’ve decided to take it easier and appreciate the smaller results. And those smaller results with the help of some persistence, self-support and a good plan can bring me to the place I want to be or at least close 🙂

I usually have rather slow start but when started usually do not stop.

I’ll post later my values and goals, but to be shorter, two major focuses are 1. health recovery and 2. job hunting/other career options

So, focusing on what I did better today:

Spent more time on improvement of my application package and did it effectively.

How I did it:

1. I was working on my motivation during breakfast and after started to work immediately.

2. There were some temptations during the breaks not to get back to work, but somehow they where managed. Though not all of them… (But as I told that I’m gonna focus on what I did better and not what I did not do well enough) I’m saying to myself that tomorrow I’ll do better 🙂

Ciao-ciao 😉

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